Everything from beginners to advanced in technical and art can be done with Blush



This course is perfect for beginner’s wanting to learn the art of nails. 

Kit required for this course £120 

The course is broken into 2 separate days, with the necessity for home study prior and during.

You will have to study the anatomy & physiology as well as the relevant health & safety before taking the class (with support if needed).

The course will comprise of:

Day 1:

Recap Anatomy & Physiology

Recap Health & Safety

Safe Nail Prep

Product Chemistry

Correct Ratio

Proper Structure

Tip Sizing & Application

One colour Overlay

(practical homework/ case studies will be set in between the two days)

Day 2:

Feedback on Homework / Case Studies

Difference between Infills and Rebalance

Infill procedure

Removal Procedure

Practical Assessment

You will receive a certificate of completion after day 2. You will receive your qualification certificate after you have completed your successful case studies


The basic qualification you will ned to start your career in nails. 

In this one day course, you will cover relevant anatomy and physiology, as well as manicure products and safe practices and techniques. 


£100 (no kit) £220 (with kit)
Learn the theory and underpinning knowledge of LED/UV curing gel polishes. 

On this 1 day course, you will learn how to safely and effectively prepare the nail for product and how to use gel polish in a neat, consistent and safe way. 

You will also need to bring a basic working nail kit, to work with your gel polish kit on the day. 

Please get in touch to order any nail items you need prior to the day.

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In this 1/2 day course, you will learn how to safely use electric nail files to effectively:
- Reduce length and bulk
- Quick removal 
- Thinning the free edge
- Correct hooked nails
- Clean under free edge
- Prepare nails/ Cuticles

*kits available to purchase on request*


This workshop covers quick and effective salon nail art techniques that will have your nail designs looking insta worthy in to time - without spending hours per set! 

A great way to keep your clients happy and increasing your profit margins. Make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

This is a mixed media course, using a variety of different products and techniques, such as mixing marbling, stamping, layering, pigments, glitters, hand painting, gel painting and more.


This is a 1 day workshop in which you will learn the specific measuring techniques on how to fit a nail form to any client. 

The level 1 course will work with salon shapes and lengths, looking at how to fit a form to give the correct structure for almond nails, square and tapered square/coffin. 

We recommend being qualified in acrylic or gel for 6 months, (or feeling confident with your product application) in order to take this class. 

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This class is for those techs who are qualified in acrylic and want to do a conversion course in hard gel, or for those who want a gel refresher/progression training.


Online training- built around you.

This class is a pre-requiste to our nail technician courses.

Our flexible, interactive and visual nail training, written and presented by NailKnowledge’s expert trainer, Marian Newman, makes even the most difficult science easy to understand.

Diploma Course Structure

The Nail Unit
Lesson 1 – Anatomy of the nail unit 
Lesson 2 – Nail plate growth
Lesson 3 – Nail plate structure
Lesson 4 – Nail bed and lunula
Lesson 5 – Seals of the nail
Lesson 6 – Nail conditions

Product Chemistry
Lesson 1 – What is a chemical 
Lesson 2 – Lotions, potions and polishes
Lesson 3 – Acrylics and their place in the industry
Lesson 4 – Liquid and powder
Lesson 5 – UV gels and other systems

Health and Safety
Lesson 1 – Your working environment 
Lesson 2 – Hygiene
Lesson 3 – Safe use of products
Lesson 4 – Allergies and irritations
Lesson 5 – Working safely with clients

Whether you are following your passion for nails, looking to master Product Chemistry or want some additional qualifications to set you apart from other job applicants – NailKnowledge is here to support you with our new Essential Nail Professional Diploma.
Authored and verified by our team of experts, including the legendary Marian Newman,  our knowledge base provides the latest scientific information and advice – content built upon facts not marketing myths.  


Learn how to create beautiful designs using gel products, with a mixture of gel polishes and art gels. 

You will be able to add this course to your portfolio as long as you hold a qualification to work with gel polish. 

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This advanced technique is done using Crystal Nails art gels and a mixture of Crystal Nails brushes. 

You will learn the technique, as well as composition, and colour theory in this 1 day workshop.


A revolutionary acrygel from Crystal Nails, the Xtreme Fusion Gel offers limitless formability!
After months of testing to perfect the material for fast and professional salon work, it provides the best of both worlds, with the manageability of gel and the long formability of acrylic.  Thanks to the tube packaging, it can be dosed precisely without material losses. 


Gives a whole new meaning to the term Twinkle Toes. 

You will get a kit with this course, which will show you how to create this beautiful effect and how to make them long-lasting and profitable. 

To take this class, you need to be qualified in pedicures and gel polish.